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KISSING2 Torchwood Janto
"Bang! Bang!" Ianto shouted as he pointed his "gun" at Jack. Jack was holding his hand in a similar gun position, and hiding behind a tree to avoid from getting shot.
Owen dropped down from the tree that Jack was hiding under and brandished his own "gun" at Jack. "Run for your life!" he screamed. "I'm gonna getcha!"
Laughing, Jack sprinted away, calling, "You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" Gwen popped out from behind a tree he was headed towards, and without missing a beat, Jack changed directions so that he was running away from all three of his pursuers.
Tosh watched them from where she sat on the sidewalk, a book in her hands. As they ran right past her, she squealed and pulled back her feet. Owen stopped chasing Jack and pulled at her arm, trying to pull her to her feet.
"Come on, Tosh, come play with us! It's fun!"
She shook her head nervously and tried to pull her arm away. "Oh, no, I couldn't. My mom tells me not to play gun games."
Owen looked at her for a moment, an
:iconfantasylover42:fantasylover42 25 19
On your knees, soldier. PG
It was a quiet day in the Hub, Jack had gone out to check a small rift spike spotted earlier in the day leaving Ianto and Gwen sat alone on the Hub sofa relaxing with a cup of Ianto’s coffee each. Gwen kept sparing sideways glances at Ianto and eventually he decided to put a stop to her nervous looks.
“Anything you want, Gwen? More coffee, biscuits perhaps?
Gwen shifted uncomfortably in her seat for a short while before asking “Do you ever- you know?”
“As much as I may say I know everything; I have no idea what you are going on about, Gwen. Care to inform me?”
“Do you ever you know... go on... your knees for him?” Ianto nearly choked on the coffee he was drinking before a sly smile appeared on his face.
“Oh, yeah, all the time.” He replied taking a sip from the cup.
“Really?” Gwen asked a small blush colouring her cheeks and a look of disbelief gracing her wide eyes.
“Oh yeah,” Ianto replied the cheeky grin still pla
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Myself and Benedict Cumberbatch
I, again, met Benedict Cumberbatch, this time cosplaying as Doctor Strange! He told me (in September 2016) that I was the first cosplayer he had met as Strange and that he loved my dedication. It helps that I also took him a 10 foot Khan poster/banner to sign.

Selling things!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 31, 2012, 4:22 PM
  • Listening to: Radio
  • Reading: Princehat on Twitter...
Ok, so basically, I'm selling these little A5 canvas' to people!

Heres some examples.

David Tennant, Ianto Jones and Severus Snape
Tennant, Snape and Ianto. by BartyJnr

Tobuscus (Toby Turner)
Tobuscus Portrait - Finished by BartyJnr

Lucius Malfoy and Robert Downey Junior
Lucius and Robert by BartyJnr

My Dog Bob
Bob Portrait by BartyJnr

Loki from Avengers/Thor
Loki! by BartyJnr

King Henry V - Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston is King Henry V by BartyJnr

I'm selling these for £5 a piece, you can pick whoever you want to go on them, and if you want I'll even find a few different pictures and you can pick which one you like best.

(The £5 doesn't include P&P)

If anyones interested, throw me a email telling me what famous person/animal/thing you want, I'll see if I can do it and tell you how much it'll be. I'll take payment via paypal.

Email me at

Thanks all 8)


Crispy BartyJnr Barras
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
Currently a member of :iconccpcosplaygallery:


Doctor Who & Torchwood
:bulletorange: Captain Jack Harkness
:bulletorange: Ninth Doctor (Eccleston)
:bulletorange: Tenth Doctor (Tennant)
:bulletorange: Werewolf (Tooth and Claw)
:bulletorange: Werewolf!Captain Jack (Own Chara)
:bulletorange: The Master (Simm)
:bulletorange: Ianto Jones
:bulletorange: Roman Rory Williams/Pond (Series 5/6)

Harry Potter
:bulletblue: Sirius Black (School)
:bulletblue: Sirius Black (Padfoot)
:bulletblue: Death Eater
:bulletblue: Severus Snape (School)
:bulletblue: Remus Lupin (Wolf)
:bulletblue: Fenrir Greyback (Werewolf)

:bulletpurple: Werewolf
:bulletpurple: Dragon
:bulletpurple: Russian Soldier
:bulletpurple: German Soldier (WWII)
:bulletpurple: RAF Soldier (WWII)
:bulletpurple: The Joker (Batman - Dark Knight)
:bulletpurple: Lancelot (Merlin - BBC)


Favourite genre of music: This also changes regularly.
Favourite photographer: Myself! -Cheeky Grin-
Favourite style of art: Traditional sketches I like.
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield!
Personal Quote: RAWR!!!



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